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Wonderlic Exam Study Guide

The Wonderlic Personnel Test was designed in 1937 by David Wonderlic, a psychology student who wanted to test the level of intelligence of his teammates. Today the exam is used to test the intelligence level of candidates and is used by employers to screen people applying for jobs.
The exam is used by employers in many countries, including New Zealand, Canada, Australia, the USA and the UK. The exam is designed as a short test for the intelligence and ability to understand given instructions and solve problems.

Exam Details

     •  The wonderlic exam consists of 50 questions arranged from easy to hardest.
     •  The total exam time allotted is 12 minutes.
     •  The exam cannot be taken with the aid of a calculator or other problem solving device.
     •  Most questions are set in the multiple-choice format with five answer options.
     •  An answer sheet will be provided and candidates will just have to mark their chosen options.
     •  There is no wrong answer penalty.

The questions include word comparisons, disarranged sentences, sentence parallelism, following directions, number comparisons, number series, analysis of geometric figures and story problems requiring either mathematics or logic solutions.

Exam format and content

The exam questions include, sentence parallelism, disarranged sentences, word comparisons, number comparisons, analysis of geometric shapes, following directions, figures and story problems requiring logic or mathematics solutions.
Questions fall under Verbal skills, Math skills and Spatial skills

Verbal Skills

Pattern Questions

     •  Certain words may be presented and you will be expected to compare and choose the correct option.
     •          A group of sentences is presented for you to arrange them in the correct logical order.
     •          Show similarities in a group of sentences.
     •          Logical questions requiring critical thinking. 

Math Skills

Pattern Questions

     •  Questions on basic math such as fractions, decimal etc
     •  Series of numerals may be presented with a pattern and you’ll be expected to show the next item in the pattern.
     •  Show their similarities in a group of numbers.

Spatial Skills

Pattern Questions
Use your imagination to follow directions to get to the correct destination.

Analyze geometrical shapes.

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